Don't Be a Jackwagon DVD

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Don't Be a Jacwagon DVD.jpg

Don't Be a Jackwagon DVD


Don't Be a Jackwagon (the most useless piece of military equipment).

“Therefore I do not run uncertainly(without definite aim)…”
1 Corinthians 9:26-27, Amplified

As an end time soldier of Jesus Christ, in this unique message, “Sergeant” Billye Brim briefs you on:

• The Time You Live In—Watching the Signs of the
Times According to Bible Prophecy.
• “Making Much of the Blood of Jesus,”, appropriating
our Helmet of Salvation--The Banner—in these
perilous times, as the earth (not the glorious Church)
approaches the Tribulation (tsar—a narrow place).
• The Authority of the Church in these Last Days .

2 DVD Set

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