God's Covenant: To Make Us Know His Plan

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God's Covenant: To Make Us Know His Plan


Thy ways, O Jehovah, cause me to know, Thy paths teach Thou me. (Psalm 25:4 YLT)

Recently, Dr. Billye Brim was seeking direction from the Lord and meditating on John 16:13 when she was led to Psalm 25, particularly verse 14:
The secret of HASHEM is for those who fear Him,
and His covenant is to let them know.
(ArtScrolls Hebrew/English translation)

God has a “way”, a “path” (Hebrew derek) for each one of us. And it is thrilling to know that His covenant to us is to cause us to know that path!!! In this special message, shared recently with the pray-ers at Prayer Mountain, Sister Billye also taught on:
* What the Jewish Sages say is the true purpose of the Temple
* The ever-continuing connection of Heaven and Earth
* The listening side of prayer

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