Revealing the Glory

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Revealing the Glory


At the beginning of her ministry, Billye Brim received a revelation of the Glory of God and what it means to the church. She has taught and wrote about it at various times over the years and recently felt led to go back to where it all started in Collinsville, Oklahoma and hold special meetings entitled, Revealing the Glory.

From Sister Billye:
"The Lord had been dealing with me about picking up again on the revelation of the Glory that He gave me back in the 1970s and 80s. So, it seemed right to go back to the geographic place I was in when it came. Collinsville, Oklahoma. Then the Friends Church. But after the revelation, we were led to name the church A Glorious Church Fellowship. A part of the revelation is that we will be A Glorious Church when He comes for us.
There was definitely “purpose” to this meeting. And, a large part of that purpose was for me to see what I saw then, and to receive and share more of the revelation of it.
For He has made me to know 2014 is a time for the church to don (put on) glory."

This set includes 7 sessions of teaching by Dr. Billye Brim, plus additional insight shared by Pastor Lee Morgans and Rev. Chip Brim.

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