Shalom Mini-Book

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Shalom Mini-Book


Shalom: The Peace That Comes from Being Whole

What does that mean? Dr. Billye Brim offers insight into the rich meaning of Shalom. It’s more than a greeting.

Dr. Billye Brim began her study of Hebrew at a prestigious language school in Israel. Her study of the language has equipped her to explore the deep meaning of the Hebrew Scriptures. Here she starts at the root of the word “shalom” and examines the development of the related words that have grown from it. There is more to the word than meets the eye.

In this study you will learn:

  • The root of “shalom” is “shalem” (whole, complete).

  • How paying for something (“shalem”) is making the seller whole again.

  • One name of the Messiah is “Sar Shalom” (Prince of Peace).

  • “Shalom” is the peace that comes from being whole.

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